Instant “noodle” soup On the Fly

Couldn’t be much easier than this – Start by filling a jar with fixings, including rice noodles or edamame noodles (or sub shredded cabbage) , vegetables, protein and herbs. And when you’re ready to eat the noodle soup, simply fill the jar with hot broth (I make bone broth and keep it in my freezer so its ready for this type of thing), screw on the cap and let stand to “simmer” for five minutes. From curry chicken ramen to vegan pho, there’s a noodle soup variety for everyone. You can also swap in your noodle or vegetable of choice for any of these recipes. One thing’s for sure: You won’t be tempted to purchase store-bought instant noodle soups again!

Be creative – add kale, spinach, any veggies and proteins you like. This is great for using up leftover steak, chicken or fish.


Adapted from Livestrong